Louis Vuitton is at it again. This time they have launched a luxury extraordinary luggage range for the luxury brand BMW.

The French fashion house has created a tailor-made set of luggage for the BMW i8. It comprises two travel bags, a business case, and a garment bag that fits in the BMW i8.

The weekender bag fits in the trunk, the garment bag fits the rear shelf, while the business case matches the shape of the i8’s rear seats.

“This collection with BMW epitomizes our shared values of creativity, technological innovation, and style. Our craftsmanship at Louis Vuitton has enjoyed the challenge of this very special project, using their ingenuity and attention to detail to create a truly made to measure set of luxury luggage. ~Patrick-Louis-Vuitton, Head of Special Orders at Louis Vuitton and grandson.

This lovely collection is made from the trademark signature checkered Damier pattern and laser-etched Louis Vuitton logo.

It is available in selected Louis Vuitton stores on order come April 1st.

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