My Luxury Spa Experience

The Luxury African Spa, Mangwani -The Original African Day Spa

The Mangwanani Spa is located in different parts of South Africa. Distinctly different in the way it carries out its treatment. Mangwanani massage treatments are infused with traditional African healing rituals and contemporary wellness therapies that nurture body, mind and spirit. I chose to experience the one located in River Valley (PTA)


The Spa is nestled in the Valley of the Hennops River, in the Schureveberg Mountain range en-route to Hartebeespoort Dam.  It is the original African Day Spa where you will experience the appealing combination of True African Nurturing Traditions and a setting of serene ambience, offering you the best of both worlds as Nature & Culture merge right in the middle of the African bush, leaving you de-stressed through our Decadent Revitalization Spa Packages.

I got to Monte Casino to catch the spas Luxury shuttle bus at 7.00 am.  After serving us teas and juices we took off at 7.45. It was a good 30 minutes drive.

Upon arrival, the staff dressed in their traditional outfits welcomed us with traditional music complete with the traditional drums. A healthy Breakfast was served and then the fun began. Each session lasted a whole 55mins.


First, I had the full body massage with hot stone and it was awesome. We had  a few minutes break, then we had to be driven to get our facials done. The facial was so good. I have never had my face massaged like that.

Each break was characterized with the serving of different fruits, juices, champagne and healthy bites.

Body exfoliation and massage was next. At this point, I was so relaxed and excited. The environment was such that I felt so close to nature. I was offered a choice of 3 oils, I ended up getting confused. Talk about bing spoilt for choice. By the time I was through, I felt like a feather.

At this point I realized it was lunch time and as usual I was not disappointed.
For lunch I chose  a fish dish of which I didn’t regret . Plus we were well entertained with some traditional dance.

Then came the time i had dreaded, the jacuzzi!!! Hmmn, wondering why? I can’t remember the last time I wore a swim suit. But you know what? I was determined to enjoy myself and of course get my money’s worth! (Honestly!). Well the good news is that I made it through the whole 55mins.

Head and shoulder massage came next. Now I am not kidding, I fell asleep! Yes fell asleep …with sweet dreams to go with it. I never knew a head and shoulder massage could be that good.

Then came what i really felt was extreme pampering, the Hand massage. My hand never felt so good and you can imagine how I felt having a feet massage next. This is pure decadence but that’s allowed once in a while.

Hmmm, I had  a filled day of complete luxurious pampering. We were served a light meal and it was time to go. At 5.30!!!!!
If you are planning to do this and you have kids don’t worry. There is something for everyone . While I was at the park my son was visiting the lion park and the zoo. He had a splendid time as well.

Ohhhh I forgot to mention in the evening all the monkeys came out. Thank goodness I wasn’t eating bananas!

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